Camp Tamarack operates under a special use permit with Deschutes National Forest, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.

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One of the things that makes Camp Tamarack so special is the connection that people feel to it.  We want this camp to continue to be for the community and that is why we need your support. Help us keep this camp SPECIAL!!

Donate Money

We need money to bring ADA accessibility to our camp and scholarships for students attending Outdoor School and Summer Camps!! Your money will go towards supplies and professionals needed to make these improvements happen or can be ear marked for Outdoor School & Summer Camp scholarships.  Camp Tamarack is a nonprofit registered with the state of Oregon –all donations are tax deductible.  We have matching funds being donated for the first $10,000 of donations we receive through December 31st…that means every dollar you donate will generate another dollar of donations!!!

Any Amount Helps


We need carpenters, electricians, painters, auto mechanics, and anyone 

willing to spend some time out at camp working on improvements that are already going on out there!


Camp Tamarack hosts Outdoor School in the Spring and Fall and traditional summer camps in the summer time….come join us!!!  We are working to enable ALL 5th/6th  graders to get to attend Outdoor School. Talk you your local school and make sure they are experiencing Outdoor School, if not, lets work together to make it happen!!


If you have items that you are no longer using and are in good condition, consider if they would be of use at Camp Tamarack!

Contact Charlie Anderson at

to see if these things could be a good fit for our needs at camp.