OUTDOOR SCHOOL Classroom Programs

Instructors visit local 5th grade classes for introductory and follow-up lessons to their Outdoor School experience.

Students receive an introductory lesson on scientific inquiry to prepare them for Field Study at Outdoor School. They practice their observation skills through investigating animal pelts, discussing and journaling about what they notice, wonder, and are reminded of. They then use the information gathered as evidence to explain what adaptations they think their animal may have had.

Students also have the opportunity to ask questions about Outdoor School and learn more about what they can expect once they arrive at Camp Tamarack!

After their overnight Outdoor School experience, students receive a follow-up lesson in their classroom. Instructors facilitate students reflecting on their experience, what they learned, and memories made at camp. 


Students revisit their scientific inquiry skills through a microscopic investigation. They attempt to explain the source of their specimens, from insects to plants to animals! They then have the opportunity to create their own microscope slide with something in the classroom that sparks curiosity!  

Camp Tamarack operates under a special use permit with Deschutes National Forest, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.

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