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With an attempt to have more energy than his dog Lily, Charlie tries to “Live More” each day. Charlie grew up in California, exploring the outdoors with his brother, Tyler who passed away in 2010. Camp Tamarack is the perfect setting for Charlie to continue to share the Anderson boys’ love for adventure and the outdoors and he is excited to share his passion for education, exploration, and personal growth with others.



Otter’s passion for education began 20 years ago when she found herself in a stream full of macroinvertebrates and 5th graders. That journey has since taken her to OSU where she earned a degree in Fisheries & Wildlife Science and Environmental Education, to the tide pools at Hatfield Marine Center, and to the villages of Malawi, Africa where she served in the Peace Corps. Otter brings an amazing focus on excellence, crafting our programs to maximize the opportunities for learning and fun! She is happy to spend her days helping to create and shape our programming!




Cedar’s journey with education began when Santa Claus delivered her a whiteboard for Christmas. She spent countless hours as she grew up in Northern California practicing the art of teaching in her playroom. In high school, Cedar had the opportunity to teach at a local nature preserve, and quickly realized the only classroom she wanted to be in was the great outdoors! From there she moved on to the University of Nevada, Reno to earn her degree in environmental science. When she is not at camp, Cedar spends her free time skiing, visiting family and crafting away!




Growing up in Central Oregon, Woodchip has many fond memories of adventure in the beautiful Oregon Wilderness. However, the place that holds the fondest for him, surely is Camp Tamarack. Woodchip was lucky enough to be a camper at Camp Tamarack before he began spending most of his time as a High School Volunteer. During that time he was passionate about recreating the experience he had felt so lucky to be a part of. Now, in his adult life, Woodchip is still lucky that he gets to be a part of Camp, and to work to create and share the experiences he holds so dear with his community.



Born and raised in beautiful Alabama, Osprey has made herself a nest at Camp Tamarack since the Spring of 2015. She's a Spanish-speaking, semi-trained inflatable kayak river guide, up-and-coming Pilates teacher, and a grant writer extraordinaire! Osprey works closely with our community as a whole to write grant proposals and support our programs to the fullest. She's most likely to be seen at camp with a pocket full of dog treats or doing yoga and Pilates on the dock in the mornings!




Ewok grew up in Long Beach, California but has since lived in 7 different states! He has been cooking professionally for more than 20 years. He loves his dog Betty White, who he rescued in February 2019. His greatest passions other than cooking are musical theatre, traveling and watching movies. He graces our kitchen with amazing food and singing every day!!




Canyon was born and raised in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. He earned a degree in Recreation Management with a minor in Psychology. He then joined the Nevada Conservation Corps,  where he worked on a chainsaw crew and supervised a trail building crew. His time with the NCC deepened his passion and appreciation for the power of nature, which eventually led him to start a 4 year career in Wilderness Therapy. Canyon has a passion for working with youth and teens and helping to facilitate their growth and development. We're so excited that Canyon has brought this passion to our community here at Tamarack!




Doodle grew up in NYC, but fell in love with the outdoors while spending summers with his family in VT and NH.  He started working at Tamarack in Summer 2021 and can now be found looking through his binoculars and camera at birds, plants, and stars or sitting with a cup of tea playing a board game.  He is youth mental health first aid certified.  




Astro was born in Eugene Oregon but moved to Idaho as a young child. She found the love of the camp life after working at a camp in Cascade ID where she also met her husband Geo. Astro found her way back to Oregon in 2022 as an instructor at Camp Tamarack and is super happy to be working another season.




Quercus was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but fell in love with Oregon and started her journey here leading foraging classes on the coast. You’ll usually find her getting to know the local fungi and flora, needle felting, carving, or reading in her spare time. Quercus has passion for working with youth, for being curious, and the wonders of nature, She is grateful to be part of the awesome community that makes those connections at Camp Tamarack!




Born and raised in Nampa, Idaho, Geo made the move to Central Oregon in 2022 and has brought so much care and fun to our camp kitchen and community! Before packing up and moving to camp from Idaho with his wife, Astro, Geo worked doing production control for a small CNC shop in Nampa.

kiwi photo.jpeg



Growing up in Oregon, Kiwi discovered her passion for outdoor leadership during her time volunteering at Camp Tamarack as a high school counselor. That passion has since led her to work towards joining the staff team at Camp! She is so grateful to continue sharing her passion with the community at Tamarack, as well as to continue creating positive experiences for all that visit. When not at Camp, Kiwi enjoys spending her free time crafting, photography, and going on adventures!




Dice grew up outside of Portland, OR., and graduated from Oregon State University with a Biology Degree in 2022. As a wee child, he spent a lot of time exploring the woods of Mt. Hood, making stick forts with moss carpet, and swimming in the Zigzag river. You can often find him reading Warrior Cats, crafting, or listening to funky music. Maybe you'll even hear him running in the mornings around the lake. His favorite animals are Orca Whales and Anteaters, and his favorite color is green.




Mycelium has worked in and grown up and around the restaurant, working all aspects of a kitchen. She has traveled far across the land from NY to finish her biochemistry/neuroscience degree, but fell in love with Tamarack in the summer of 2022. Mycelium loves nourishing the hearts and stomachs of the students, campers and fellow staff alike and have also enjoyed working "front of house", teaching 5th graders during the winter. You can find her dancing and singing with the rest of the kitchen in the majestic central Oregon pines!




Monarch was born in California, adopted and then moved to England; spending equal amounts of time between both countries. She began traveling the world at 17 being to a number of countries and plenty of U.S. states. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors and passion to guide the younger generation into a life of happiness and positivity makes her a great addition to the team. You can talk to Monarch about anime, cooking, adventuring, the Sims, or anything that’s on your mind as she enjoys getting to know who you are.




Cowboi was born and raised in Michigan but found his real home in Oregon in 2017. He was so excited to come to Camp Tamarack because he knew he'd find a great community, continue to strengthen his skills in the kitchen, and get to spend more time outdoors. In his free time, Cowboi loves rock climbing, going outside, spending time with friends, and baking or cooking! 




Trinket was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Tuscan, Arizona to pursue a psychology degree with minors in Spanish and East Asian Religious Studies. She has found herself at Camp Tamarack as a result of her deep love of the natural world and passion for empowering children. In her free time you can find Trinket journaling, hammocking, giggling, and going to music festivals! 


Tree lady


Tree Lasy grew up in Central Oregon. She volunteered her sophomore year of high school in 2016, and has called Camp Tamarack her home since then. You’ll catch her strumming her guitar, taking campy photos, YouTube-ing how to fix her car, language learning, and booking tickets to the next country. Outdoor School is where she found her love for teaching and caring for youth, which is what she will be doing in the Amazon in Ecuador this summer!

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