Middle School Wellness 

Classroom Programs

Instructors visit middle school students in their classrooms to facilitate wellness based activities. 

Students participating in our Winter Wellness program are introduced to the practice of community building through adventure and play. They will work through an introductory sequence of activities focused on building social emotional skills to grow as both individuals and as a community. 

Students also have the opportunity to ask questions about Winter Wellness and learn more about what they can expect once they arrive at Camp Tamarack for their 3 day, 2 night experience. 


winter wellness

After their overnight Winter Wellness experience, students receive a follow-up lesson in their classroom. Instructors facilitate students reflecting on their experience, what they brought back to school with them, and memories made at camp. 

Students complete a sequence of social emotional learning focused activities designed to revisit and build upon skills they learned while at Winter Wellness. The post lesson aims to reinforce how skills learned at camp can be applied in school or at home.  


Winter wellness

Camp Tamarack recognizes that middle school is a critical age for fostering social emotional skills, relationship building, and self reflection. Due to the limited capacity of our Winter Wellness program, we're looking forward to expanding the number of middle schoolers we can provide programming for through our Tamarack Adventure Days.   

Students participate in day-long adventure programming as communities within their school to learn about wellness and social emotional skills.

Tamarack Adventure Days

Camp Tamarack operates under a special use permit with Deschutes National Forest, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.

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